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Illuminosity Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to discovery that leads to success and achievement. We do this by working with the whole person, serving as a guide to their own answers and greatness. None of us come to the events of life as only one side of ourselves;

we are complicated entities encompassing many facets of being.

  • What you think

  • The Brain

  • What was

  • Challenges


  • What you feel

  • The Heart & Gut

  • What is

  • Transition


  • What you believe

  • The Soul

  • What can be

  • Creation


This approach works equally well with teams who develop their own personalities and methods but may find themselves lost in a particular project. Developing new approaches to problem solving, thinking outside of the box, and facing challenges; are just some of the areas where Illuminosity Coaching & Consulting provides insight leading to proficiency.

“Illuminating Mind, Body, & Spirit”

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The MIND is

a complex puzzle.

The mind’s function is to think, compare, contrast, and predict. Organization and systems that support linear approaches and successful outcomes are

well known methods. These are the familiar, straightforward, foundational strategies that have continued to be effective in today’s climate.
Illuminosity Coaching & Consulting excels in

these areas through unique pathways and solutions.


Areas of Focus Include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Career Transformation and Development

  • Project Design/Meeting Objectives

  • Conversational Intelligence©

  • Team/Group Facilitation

  • Life Transition and Change Management

  • Organizational Systems Development

  • Human Performance Improvement

  • Process Improvement

  • Training Design

The BODY is the engine of balance.

The body is the structure for experiencing the world around us, requiring care and feeding to operate at maximum efficiency. It’s also a place where stress and unhealthy patterns can lead to

dis-ease and feelings of fatigue and incapability. Illuminosity Coaching & Consulting has many techniques that can help in this area allowing you rescue through your own design.


Areas of Focus Include:

  • Mindfulness/Meditation for Healing

  • Releasing/Managing Stress

  • Tapping Into the Gut

  • Positive Intelligence

  • Health & Wellness

  • Heart Centered Approaches

  • Habit Change/Modification

  • Listening Skills

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The SPIRIT encompasses the whole being

The Spirit is the source of inspiration, leaps of faith, and the greatness you embody. It surrounds you providing a cushion of understanding that feeds your passion and your purpose. The path to unlocking this power lies within your own hidden knowledge. Illuminosity Coaching & Consulting helps you navigate this internal journey of discovery to untapped growth and wisdom.


Areas of Focus Include:

  • Exploring Beliefs

  • Identifying Self-Saboteurs

  • Revealing Your Essence

  • Quieting the Inner Critic(s)

  • Embracing Your Power

  • Discovering the Answers Within

  • Energy Management (CHE)

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Crystal Energy Applications

My passion and commitment in life is to help individuals, teams, and companies to realize

the greatness that lies within each of us.

I achieve this by providing support and information that reflects years of “in the trenches” experience and knowledge; coupled with a healthy pursuit of learning, flexibility, humor,

and mastery. In addition, I use an ontological approach to enable ‘being’ in the present so

that actions and results are in real time.

My coaching style is embedded in a holistic approach that embraces the total person…mind, body, and spirit. These parts cannot be separated as they are the pieces that make up a

human. With that approach I am able to offer a variety of methods to problem solving that

are both in and out of the expectation box while addressing multiple levels of breadth and depth. I honor and value each human, therefore I commit to the highest levels of confidentiality, support, and respect.

My pricing is reasonable and individually customized to the service wanted. If you are looking for a coaching experience to put you first in your own life, or your team and business ahead of the game, please complete the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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Marcia M. Hansen

Human Excellence Advocate

Certified Coach
Human Performance Improvement & ~
Process Improvement Facilitator

C-IQ© Enhanced Practitioner
Certified Spiritual Healer

Ordained Minister

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